About Us

Thanks for your interest in S&T.  My name is Joe Riedy, I have worked as a Police Officer for over 28 years.  Early in my career I developed an interest in firearms and tactical training.  That interest grew to the level of becoming a certified instructor in firearms and tactical skills.  Along with being the firearms and tactics instructor for the department I was also assigned to the Emergency Response Team as a team leader and instructor.  I retired as a Sergeant in 2007 and continue to hold MPOETC certification and work part-time for a small agency in eastern PA.

I have worked in the firearms industry since 1998 when I was hired as an Adjunct Instructor for the Heckler & Koch International Training Division. I worked for HK ITD until 2006.  As an ITD Adjunct I instructed law enforcement and military personnel from across the United States and around the world in firearms and tactical skills.  Since 2006 I have worked as an instructor and consultant for 10-8 Consulting teaching shooting skills and consulting on firearms related products.  I also work as a pro-staff member for an optics company providing assistance with demonstrations and trade shows.  I was also honored to be one of a handful of Vickers Shooting Method Instructors chosen by Larry Vickers.

Over the years I have attended a wide variety of training.  A partial list can be found below.  Early in my training journey I was fortunate enough to meet Ken Hackathorn.  Ken has been the most prominent influence on my training and the way I train others.  My fellow instructors at HK ITD were also very important in my growth as a shooter and instructor.  My thanks go out to John, Chris, Gene, Fred, Mike and all the rest. 

So what does all this mean to you as a student at an S&T class?  It means that you will not be subjected to dogma or inflexibility.  I will show you the safest most efficient and effective gun handling skills I know.  My goal is to provide my students with realistic, practical skills that will enable them to win an armed encounter.

Over the years I have attended a variety of training to include courses from:

  • Ken Hackathorn
  • Vickers Tactical
  • HK International Training Division
  • TMACS Inc.
  • CSAT
  • ITTS Inc.
  • CTT Solutions
  • NRA
  • Smith & Wesson Academy
  • US Training Center
  • EAG Tactical
  • NTOA
  • Insights Training Center
  • Defensive Edge Training and Consulting
  • Graham Combat
  • Northern Red

I have completed certification as an instructor in handgun, shotgun, rifle, submachine gun (Master Instructor MP5), less-lethal devices and gas, defensive tactics, active shooter response, and CQB Instructor.  I have also completed armorers certification in Smith & Wesson, Glock, Sig and HK and 1911 pattern pistols as well as MP5, AR15/M16 and Remington and Mossberg shotguns.  Not only do I teach but I continue to be a student.


 "Joe Riedy is an extremely talented small arms tactical trainer. His knowledge of 

what the customer needs and skills to be mastered  by the student makes him one of the best bargains in the marketplace. I recommend him highly."

Ken Hackathorn